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HTC and Nokia To Bury the Patent Hatchet

You don’t have to be a constant reader of this blog to know that tech companies, especially hardware companies, go to court frequently over patent disputes. The way the patent system is set up currently, it’s very easy to step on somebody’s intellectual property toast. In fact, it’s almost inevitable. You can even come up […]

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Blackberry Throws in the Towel

For the longest time in the mobile Smartphone space, there were four major players. Of course everybody has heard of Apple and Google’s Android Systems. There were two also-rans which are Microsoft and unknown to most people, Blackberry. You remember Blackberry, right? The Blackberry device was all the rage in the late 1990s when people […]

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Was it ever a good idea to purchase the mobile part of Nokia ? Who was responsible of making that call?

Microsoft Might Have Shot Itself in the Foot With Nokia Buyout

It’s kind of interesting how Microsoft’s buyout of Nokia’ s cell phone hardware business took place. One would think that before the buyout, Microsoft strategists would look at how it would impact Microsoft’s existing licensing technology with other big named mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung or HTC. One would think this would be the case […]

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Microsoft Stores Might Be Marketing Research Goldmines

It is hard to believe that Microsoft beat Apple to the punch when it comes to opening retail stores. Yes, before Apple’s breakout retail stores which clock some of the world’s highest sales per square foot figures, Microsoft tried its hand at opening retail stores pushing Microsoft products. The result? Let’s just say the fact […]

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Nokia releases Lumia Mango phones

Nokia revealed this Wednesday two new smartphones with Windows Phone Operating System plus four new low-cost phones with smartphone-like features targeted towards developing markets. The two premiere Nokia phones running in Windows are the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. These two are the first products in the market after the partnership of Microsoft and […]

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