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Mozilla steps up bid for mobile relevance

A dramatically tweaked Android browser from Mozilla is in the works and a beta version might soon be announced. Industry observers say this is critical as Mozilla attempts to remain technologically relevant in the mobile computing industries. And given the company’s conspicuous absence in the explosive mobile markets, this couldn’t be too soon. The last […]

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Mozilla Readies Firefox Enterprise Version

Mozilla, maker of the world’s most favorite internet browser Firefox, is advancing its commitment to release an enterprise version of Firefox designed for IT departments that manage employee internet experience from centrally. The Firefox version called Extended Support Release or ESW will get updated at a pace slower that its regular version to allow IT […]

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Mozilla launches “Firefox with Bing”

Mozilla Firefox, the open-source developer released its customized version with Microsoft’s Bing search engine with only a few weeks before the multimillion-dollar contract expires between Google and Mozilla in November. Microsoft also promoted the new Firefox, mentioning that the said team-up was a result from the users’ feedback to make arrangements for an easier Bing […]

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Firefox soon to release native interface for Android

The Mozilla Firefox user interface on Android will be developed under native code for faster performance and lesser memory consumption. According to Johnathan Nightingale, director of Firefox engineering, in the company’s goal of supporting the open web, Firefox on Android is critical. Therefore, the decision of creating a native-Android Firefox user interface places them in […]

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End of Dominance for Internet Explorer?

It seems that tech giant Microsoft is going through some very rough patches.  After closing down one of its companies and the leader of that team resigning, it has also lost in the browser popularity race, something it has been lording for decades. Internet Explorer below 50% market share Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer, or more […]

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The Browser War: Firefox vs. Chrome

Time and again, you’ve probably heard people talking about Google’s quest for world domination, with the release of Android, which is giving Apple’s iPhone a run for its money, and other successful ventures through their open source projects.  Now that the Google Chrome is out, it is quickly becoming more popular than others.  Pitted against […]

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Release of Mozilla Firefox Tab Candy

Firefox Releases Experimental Tab Candy

What to expect from Firefox’s Tab Candy According to Aza Raskin, the Creative Lead for Mozilla, Tab Candy basically reimagines browsing features through a reorganization and regrouping of tabs. Raskin introduced Tab Candy through his blog, giving Firefox fans a glimpse of Tab Candy’s awesome features. The following are some juicy details about how Tab […]

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Farmville Bug Leads to an Update in Firefox

If you’re one of those Farmville fans who recently experienced bugs when using Mozilla’s Firefox, this is definitely a bit of good news. Just recently, Farmville gamers using Mozilla’s Firefox as their browser experienced an annoying occurrence because of Firefox’s way of dealing with hung plug-ins in the swiftest way possible. But fret not. Mozilla […]

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Browser Speed Battles: Chrome 4, Firefox 3.6, and Opera 10.5

As ever, the browser war is in full effect with great, new updates on some of the most popular Internet browsers available.  When it comes down to judging between browsers, there are many different factors to consider, including customizability, user- and developer-friendliness, extension and add-on support, and the basic design of the browsers.  Aside from […]

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