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The Fall Welcomes New High-Tech Products

Fall is always a great time for major companies to introduce their newest electronic gizmos. Gearing up for the Christmas rush, this fall will see the introduction of a number of new and innovative devices that will surely be on many wish lists. Apple is releasing a new iPad mini tablet and Microsoft will be […]

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Motorola Increases Google’s Base Revenue

The good news is that Google’s Motorola division has contributed quite a hefty chunk of change to Google’s base revenue. In fact, Motorola raked in $1.25 billion in revenue for the quarter that ended last June 30. This is quite a nice chunk of change since it represents about a tenth of Google’s total revenues. […]

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Google’s Mobile Ads domination strategy might explain new CEO choice for Motorola

Dennis Woodside is Motorola Mobility’s new chief. On a fairly shallow level, Woodside’s selection might be quite puzzling considering the company he is heading. He has never handled a hardware project. His resume does not include any mobile or consumer electronics jobs. He is neither a telecommunications expert, supply chain manager, designer, or engineer. Instead, […]

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Smartphones Support for Flash 10.1 Up Ahead

Although Apple has no present plans of supporting Adobe Systems’ Flash multimedia software to any of their line of smartphones, other telecommunications companies and handset manufacturers see the need for Flash 10.1 support and are currently planning to make available software updates in the very near future. The need for broader web content range and […]

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Motorola to Introduce More Android, Unveils Backflip

One of the more immediate plans of Motorola is the introduction of more Android handsets. The company strives to offer a range of devices that utilize the mobile operating system, in an effort to target the different buying preferences of the market. This piece of news has been announced just recently by the Chief Executive […]

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