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Facebook Poised To Launch Paper

There’s a lot of buzz online about this mysterious project called Paper that is being finalized deep in the bowels of Facebook. As with other mysterious projects that may disrupt existing layouts and user experiences, there’s a lot of anxiety about Paper. This is very understandable, after all, Facebook’s time line has gone through many […]

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2014 will be Yahoo’s Mobile Year

Whether you are a Yahoo shareholder or not, there is a lot to be excited about in 2014. Yahoo brought on its CEO, Marissa Mayer, with lots of high hopes. Yahoo had a lot of catching uop to do. This internet pioneer has been directionalist for the past few years. Thanks to its decline during […]

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Are Mobile Devices Destroying The American Family?

Any social unit thrives when people communicate with each other, when people are cohesive and they pay attention to each other. The big fear of many social conservatives and social observers is that the proliferation of mobile devices such as phones and tablets are cutting in to the way people interact and get along with […]

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Android and the Triumph of Open Source

Usually when people say the phrase “open source” the first thing that comes to mind is bad old Microsoft and its battles with open source developers. Well, the truth is open source is all about mobile technology. It made mobile technology explode the same way it helped the internet get popular in the first place. […]

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Nokia Introduces Symbian^4

It seems that the people of Nokia are really working hard. Summer of last year, they afforded us glimpses of the upcoming mobile operating system Symbian^4. Although they haven’t released the actual product yet, another teaser comes up that gives consumers a more refined idea of what to expect form the communications company. The company […]

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