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A new programming is on its way as an extension of C and will according to a reddit user and former Microsoft employee go opensource all in the name of Microsoft.

Is Microsoft Preparing for a Post-Windows Environment

In a very interesting discussion thread on Reddit, former Microsoft employee discussed internal Microsoft initiatives regarding a new programming language. Tentatively called M# by people outside Microsoft, this new programming language raises a lot of eyebrows. According to that Microsoft employee that blogged about this language, this language is all about extending C# which has […]

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Microsoft Surface 2 Tablets Face Supply Woes

Usually, when it comes to product launches and product merchandising in general, not having enough supply of a particular product is a good indication. Usually when this happens, there is just a huge demand for the product that the moment a new shipment comes in, a buyer snap up the available inventory and the racks […]

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Did Microsoft Screw Up By Buying Skype?

Microsoft’s buy out of Skype was one of the biggest technology stories of recent years. Not only that billions of dollars changed, but one of the most iconic names in modern mobile communications changed tense. Skype was a big deal and still a big deal, but the question that arises now with Steve Ballmer leaving […]

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Some Unsolicited Advice For Microsoft’s Next CEO

It is no surprise that Microsoft stocks began to surge when news came out that Steve Ballmer, current CEO, is stepping down fairly soon. A lot of investors interpreted this as good news, because for the most part, Microsoft’s stock has been pretty much sleeping during the past 13 years while companies like Google, Apple […]

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