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Microsoft Office 2010 Information Preview

Microsoft has been preparing for the release of Microsoft 2010 consumer technical preview, which would be available to a selected few this July.  The access of the technical preview of Microsoft 2010, also known as Office 14, is an invitation-only basis.  The giant software company created a website where one can sign up to have […]

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Windows 7 rc as botmasters bait

The mania on the soon-to-be launched Windows 7 is taken advantage of by cyber criminals.  A pirated version of Windows 7 Release Candidate is currently circulating.  But the issue is not only piracy — the pirated Windows 7 RC is actually infected with a Trojan horse that establishes a botnet. What the botnet in the […]

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Windows 7 release candidate launched

With a deep sense of anticipation and excitement, the public welcomes Windows 7 Release Candidate on their computers. This OS release candidate was introduced just few weeks ago. Windows 7 RC is actually not far flung from Windows 7 Beta. Well, one can say that the former is an improved version of the latter. Although […]

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Bill Gates Image

Biography of bill gates the philanthropist

If you have billions in your bank accounts, what would you do? Being aware of how the the majority of the people live and getting involved in their lives, is Bill Gates’ answer. Though more known as one of the richest men on earth, Bill Gates is not only a business magnate, but also a […]

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windows 7 pricing leak

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7 is surrounded by many rumors. While earlier this year people were speculating about the exact release date of the system to replace Windows Vista, the focus of interest has now shifted to the pricing of Microsoft’s latest invention. According to the German Website the pricing for the different […]

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