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Microsoft has a New CEO, What does it mean?

Transitions usually make for uncomfortable times for large corporations. The larger the company, the more uncomfortable both industry observers and company insiders would get. Sure, the ultimate insiders like Bill Gates and Steve Balmer, they’re pretty much going out into the sunset. Their work is done. Their legacy is sealed, and they’re ready to move […]

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Microsoft is Apparently Set to Name its New CEO

Apparently, Microsoft is slated to release the identity of its new CEO soon. A lot is riding on this leadership transition. This is going to be a momentous occasion in Microsoft’s history as a company. Steve Ballmer, the current CEO who’s stepping down, is really an extension of Bill Gates. Bill Gates, of course, is […]

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Microsoft opens Chinese Open Technology offers

Microsoft? Open source? Normally you wouldn’t see these two phrases together in one sentence unless it is Microsoft calling open source into question or open source activists denouncing Microsoft. But, in the cloud computing space, it seems that this system is rapidly fading in the rear view mirror of most enterprises. If you want to […]

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Microsoft Twitter Account Hacked

What do you have when the Twitter account of one of the biggest software corporations on the face of the planet issues a tweet instructing you not to read Microsoft emails? Very simple. The account got hacked. Thanks to the Syrian Electronic Army, Microsoft’s official Twitter account, Microsoft News got hit. Not only did the […]

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Windows 8 was a total disaster in both revenue and user happiness. Latest rumor to come back is a full 180 and something called Windows 9.

Microsoft Rumored to be Working on Windows 9

As we’ve reported earlier, Windows 8.1 was a major reversal for Microsoft. Imagine spending millions of dollars hyping up a new product, mobilizing your sales marketing force, getting your partners excited, then launching the product and getting owned. This is precisely what happened with Microsoft. It encountered massive push back regarding the metro interface of […]

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