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More Malware Infest Google’s Android Store

When you think that your smartphone is safe from malware, it doesn’t help Google’s reputation to have them infesting its application store. Researchers from Lookout Security have discovered malicious Android apps on Google’s official download site that is being spread through its Chinese app stores. Just last Friday, the San Francisco-based mobile security firm found […]

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The Apple Snow Leopard in Hibernation

The Snow Leopard is the much vaunted Apple malware blocker. However, just half a year since its release, the software seems to have retreated into sleep mode, even with the increasing threat to Mac OS computers. Stagnant releases So far, the XProtect.plist has not updated its malware database with the expected signature updates. Its last […]

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Malicious Code Gumblar Attacks Again

Just recently, thousands of sites were hacked by Gumblar, a malicious code that infects computers through legit but unsecured websites. Although a majority of these hacked websites are small-time sites from foreign countries, Gumblar does a clever trick into pushing traffic into the infected domains to launch the attack. How Gumblar works According to researchers, […]

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