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5 Free iPhone Apps You Should Download Right Now

The iPhone is one of the most versatile, feature-rich, and state-of-the-art mobile phone products in the market.  With its touchscreen, powerful hardware, and great developer support, the iPhone is an industry-leading mobile device.  If you own an iPhone and you are looking to make full use of the phone’s features, then you may want to […]

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The New Photoshop iPhone Application

These days, you can get an iPhone application for practically anything from cooking and dieting apps to organizers and music apps. One of the newest and greatest iPhone applications to hit the Internet is the Photoshop iPhone application.  As the mobile rendition of the world-famous Adobe Photoshop, the precisely named “ Mobile for iPhone” is […]

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Barnes & Noble Gets Serious about E-books and E-book Readers

Barnes & Noble has long been a major player in the book industry.  In mid-2009, the retailer launched an expanded e-book store that features hundreds of thousands of electronic books on sale for various devices, such as Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry.  Now nearing the holiday season, Barnes & Noble has made another huge announcement regarding […]

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Vonage Fights Back with Smartphone Apps for Overseas Calls

Vonage is an Internet calling provider. Recently though, it has geared towards providing services to mobile phones as well. On October 5, 2009, Vonage made a breakthrough. It started allowing international calls for Blackberry and iPhone users. Vonage’s Internet technology allows users who have downloaded its application to make international calls from the United States. […]

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Apple’s New 1TB and 2TB Time Capsules

If there is one piece of computer advice that everyone should take heed of, it would be to always back up your important files.  With all the different file types out there, it’s not unusual for your computer to hold important documents, memorable photographs, entertaining videos, and your favorite songs.  Without backing up your data, […]

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