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Will the Apple iPhone Join the Large-Screen Trend?

The trend in smart phone technology is not smaller, leaner, faster and nimbler. It is towards bigger more powerful and fancier. Well, at least that is how the upper end of the market is evolving. In other words, the market is evolving towards phablets. Need any proof? Just look at the Samsung Galaxy Note. Look […]

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Apple Finally Cracks the China Market with China Mobile Launch

Come January 17, there will be a new player in the huge Chinese smartphone market. That’s right. The world heavyweight when it comes to the luxury-branded smartphone’s Apple is debuting with China’s biggest mobile network. China Mobile announced that it will start carrying Apple’s iphone come January 17. What does this mean? Well, first of […]

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Making fun of Microsoft? Not today! Apple tastes the blue screen of death

How Things Change : The Apple Blue Screen of Death

For the longest time, Apple fanboys had a field day with Microsoft. After all, Microsoft was the number one operating systems maker in the world and as a result, Microsoft has fair game for all haters of all things at Microsoft. People make poke fun of Microsoft for a whole variety of reasons. Firstly, people […]

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Trade in Your iPhone and Get a Microsoft Gift Card

Whether your wireless services’ contract with your iPhone expired or you’re looking for a different gadget, the Microsoft Store’s might have an offer you can’t refuse. Everyone knows that the iPhone is quite expensive. Its critics say repeatedly for quite some time now that you are really just paying for that Apple logo at the […]

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Android Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday

This past week Android turned five. You would think that a mere five years is not enough for technology to fully mature. This would be true if you’re talking about human beings or even pets and organizations but when it comes to technology, you can’t be more wrong. Android might only be five years old […]

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