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The Bikers Dream Apps Come True

Every day, thousands, if not millions of people get on their bikes to exercise, work, or play.  They bike down to a nearby park, make their way to work, make their usual rounds around the neighborhood, head down to a friend’s house, join bicycle marathons, or simply ride around in front of their homes.  Those […]

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iPhone Apps of Week 12 2010

Once again, without fail, here are some of the best iPhone apps that you can find in the App Store this week: SkiFree Ahh, what fond memories some have while playing this game during their computer classes back in third grade.  If, like many others, you have been playing computer games since the early nineties, […]

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iPhone applications and FCC mobile broadband test

Here we go with this week’s roundup of some of the best, new, and recently updated iPhone apps that you can find in the App Store: FCC Mobile Broadband Test Have you ever had the feeling that your broadband provider isn’t giving you the service that they advertise?  Well, you’re not alone.  Do a quick […]

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Hands-off Approach a Huge Effort for iPad Developers

Is it possible for the iPad developers to design outstanding apps by simply using a simulator? Well, it’s virtually impossible, so great, functional apps may be a far reality for now. Some iPad potholes More than two years ago, the original iPhone shipped with just a total of 16 applications, with all of these applications […]

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A Look at Some Great iPhone Apps to Use for Controlling Your Computer

These days, interconnectivity between devices is one of the most sought after feature by consumers.  It would be quite useless to have a bunch of gadgets and gizmos with great features without the compatibility to communicate, transfer data, and “speak” with one another.  As such, a number of standards for interconnectivity, networking, and data transfer […]

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