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Intel Bullish about Tablets, Silent on Handhelds

As the age of cellular phones and personal computers is getting overly saturated, leading chip manufacturer Intel has begun putting more importance to the up-and-coming category of tablet devices.  In its third quarter financial results report, the company placed tablets far higher in its agenda compared to previous quarters, which may indicate that Intel is […]

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Intel’s Core i7: Features and Benefits

The Core i7 is the first processor of Intel with an integrated memory controller.   The features of this newest processor of Intel promise better quality and performance.  It is based on Core architecture, but with enhancements for higher efficiency.  This processor is actually faster than Core 2 by 16%.  Core i7  makes use of the […]

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Chipmakers Unite to Have a Go at Intel

Anyone who has followed the computer processor industry is probably well aware that Intel is the most dominant force in the microprocessor market.  Ever since Intel introduced the first microprocessor in the late 1960s, Intel has been the largest semiconductor chip maker in the world.  Throughout the years, many companies have tried to take on […]

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Billion Dollar Fine For Intel

One of the world’s leading companies in silicon innovation, Intel, was asked to pay a fine of more than 1 billion euros for going against anti-trust legislation.  The European Commission just recently came up with this decision after a few years of investigation. Intel was fined 1.06 billion euros or an equivalent of $1.45 billion, […]

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