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Intel’s Intel Inside™ Program Goes Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends in technology today. Part of the reason why cloud computing is making such a big impact is the rise of tablet computers. As you are probably aware, if you use a tablet device, the actual software that you’re running on your tablet is actually very light. In […]

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Now that Intel is all in on Android, is Windows toast?

You can’t help but feel slightly sorry for Microsoft nowadays. Yes, THAT Microsoft-the hulking 800-pound-gorrilla that was ruled a monopolist last decade. Yes, THAT Microsoft-the producer of almost all the software the world’s personal computers run on. Why the sympathy for the tech equivalent of The Borg? Where to begin? In fact, if you have […]

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Your Smartphone Might be Your Next Desktop

Usually when it comes to processing power, people don’t brook any confusion between their Smartphones or their desktop or laptop computers. It’s easy to understand why. Based on the vast majority of current chips used on these devices, there’s a world of difference between the chips that power mobile phones and those that power desktops […]

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Intel faces rough times ahead on Windows 8

Intel faces a challenging 2012 ahead before any windfall lands on its coffers from powering up Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet, according to Minneapolis-based mid-market investment firm Piper Jaffray. In a research note, Gus Richard, analyst from Piper Jaffray, today said: “We believe CY12 (calendar year 2012) is shaping up to be a difficult year for […]

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Intel Unveils New Line Products Including CPUs

Intel, one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip makers, officially made public the details of its brand new line of CPUs for laptops and desktops in the 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  These new CPU chips have been given the code name Sandy Bridge and will continue carrying the Core […]

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