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Instagram Blew Up in 2013

A lot of people broke their necks when Facebook announced that it was buying Instagram, a 13 person company, for 1 billion dollars. This was right around the time Facebook became a public company. Well, it appears that that move wasn’t so crazy after all. Instagram is just blowing up in terms of users. It […]

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Instagram Beats Facebook as Branding Platform

In a recent report regarding the branding firepower of four of major social media platforms on the internet, Instagram has come out head and shoulders against its competitors. That’s right, Instagram beats Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter when it comes to online branding. Before we go into depth as to what this study’s conclusion means, […]

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Instagram got even more interesting thanks to YesVideo

YesVideo got big by enabling people to digitally archive old video tape movies. With the release of its mobile app update, the video conversion company is making it easier for people to share their video memories through social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Available via the Apple App Store, YesVideo’s app lets users preview their […]

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Is Facebook going to be obsolete soon?

If you are one of the many people who are left scratching their heads when the news came out that Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion USD, it appears that the fog regarding this mysterious purchase is quickly beginning to lift. It turns out that Mark Zuckerberg, the boy genius behind Facebook isn’t all hyped […]

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Instagram Photo App Service

Facebook pays $1 billion for Instagram

With Facebook’s highly anticipated IPO coming closer and closer, what better way for the giant social networking company to cash in on its upcoming payday than acquiring a company, right? Facebook is currently Silicon Valley’s favorite tech company and hopes are quite high that its IPO will raise billions and make its initial backers, founders, […]

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