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IBM Rises to the Clouds

IBM recently launched a new software that could be used in the office environment. The Tivoli Monitoring is offered for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). This is after previous moves by IBM to make deals with Amazon’s EC2 through lobbing a good portion of its middleware and its database software. Just recently, Amazon […]

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Malicious Code Gumblar Attacks Again

Just recently, thousands of sites were hacked by Gumblar, a malicious code that infects computers through legit but unsecured websites. Although a majority of these hacked websites are small-time sites from foreign countries, Gumblar does a clever trick into pushing traffic into the infected domains to launch the attack. How Gumblar works According to researchers, […]

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IBM Makes a Breakthrough in 3D Imaging

IBM scientists over in Zurich, Switzerland have made a great breakthrough in photography, 3D imaging, technology, quantum physics, and just about any and all industries and fields out there.  IBM has been able to take the world’s first 3D image of atomic bonds.  At first thought, it’s hard to realize just how huge of a […]

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