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IBM Faces NSA Cooperation Fallout With Lawsuit

You really have to admire how creative lawyers can be. There are certain laws that lawyers can base their lawsuits on when it comes to corporate law and one particular type of lawsuit is the Shareholder Lawsuit. If certain decisions of a corporation’s board of directors lead to shareholders being harmed, this harm normally takes […]

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IBM adds role-based modeling to it security suite

Last week, IBM announced the release of its “Security Role and Policy Modeler” to augment its IBM Security Identity Manager suite, the company’s flagship software product for policy-driven IT security governance and access management. The new addition is modeling analytics using sophisticated identity-management algorithms to ease the often tedious job of IT managers and security […]

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Companies’ use of social media: a new battlefield

In a study by IBM released this week, corporate executives acknowledge that the new wave of corporate marketing now lies with social media but many are slow in adapting. Eighty-two percent of surveyed chief marketing officers (CMOs) reveal that they are planning to increase the use of social media within the next three to five […]

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IBM buys Q1 Labs

IBM is announcing that the company has acquired Q1 Labs, a network security intelligence software provider based in Waltham, Massachusetts. This new venture will join IBM’s new security systems division to be headed by Q1 Labs CEO Brendan Hannigan. The company has not disclosed the amount of the deal. This new security division will create […]

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Image of IBM PCM Memory

100 Times Write Performance Computer NAND Memory breakthrough from IBM

Computer memory technology gets a breakthrough that can usher solid state chips to be developed to store the same volumes as NAND flash technology but enjoying 100 times write performance and significantly longer lifespans. This was announced by computer giant IBM this Thursday. Today, NAND flash technology in memory products like your compact flash drives […]

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IBM Experiments with Tivoli Offerings

IBM had just announced on December 8, 2009 that its Tivoli Monitoring software will be offered as a hosted version. This version is recommended to companies that prefer paying subscription fees over getting licensed for the software. It is good to have version options as the software is vital in running a midsized company or […]

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