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HTC and Nokia To Bury the Patent Hatchet

You don’t have to be a constant reader of this blog to know that tech companies, especially hardware companies, go to court frequently over patent disputes. The way the patent system is set up currently, it’s very easy to step on somebody’s intellectual property toast. In fact, it’s almost inevitable. You can even come up […]

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Preliminary Court Decision Finds HTC Violated Two Nokia Patents

As if Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer HTC doesn’t have enough problems already. The US International Trade Commission issued a preliminary decision finding the Taiwanese company guilty of violating two patents held by Nokia. Apparently, according to the decision, HTC used Nokia technology to build HTC branded Smartphones. This is yet another example why Google and Microsoft […]

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HTC launches 4G LTE-enabled Droid Incredible

At New Orleans’ CTIA show, Taiwan-based smart phone vendor HTC and telecom service provider Verizon launched the HTC Droid 4G LTE. The model is the third member of HTC’s Droid Incredible line. The other two models being the original Droid Incredible and Droid Incredible 2. Verizon says that the Droid Incredible will hit stores in […]

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