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Do-it-yourself Data Recovery

It is every computer user’s worst fear—a black screen with the eternally blinking cursor. On Windows systems, this is called the “blue screen of death”. Even after repeated reboot attempts you go back to the same black screen or a blue screen that says there’s been an error. Just the thought of all the data […]

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Image of Playstation 3 Slim

Playstation 3 Slim Hits Stores, Price Cuts on the Way

Sony has gotten a lot of bad rap for how it has handled its latest video game console, the Playstation 3.  When the Playstation 3 was first released, it had a high price mark, which hindered the console from reaching the heights of success that its predecessor, the Playstation 2, experienced.  Fortunately, Sony has made […]

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The Buffalo LinkStation Mini

For being a small version of the Buffalo TeraStation, the LinkStation Mini does a pretty good job at it.  Being smaller in dimension but not in capacity, the LinkStation also has 1 TB in storage space.  This neat feat is done by stacking up two 2.5 notebook drives to create the LinkStation Mini.  Since it […]

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Better PC Performance through Better Hard Drives

The usual suspects when it comes to system upgrades are the processor, the motherboard, and the memory.  Hard drives only get a second mention since these are not much involved in data processing.  But hard drives also can provide your system a great system boost in performance should you know what to do, and what […]

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An introduction to RAID

Since large systems and servers need fast data access and a good backup strategy should things go wrong, RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Drives was developed to address this need.  RAID is a technology that allows one to setup an array of multiple drives and have it recognized by the system as one logical […]

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The logo at Seagate Headquarters

Seagate lays off employees the second time this year

As more and more companies are now facing the blow of global recession, drastic measures are implemented to ensure survival and even growth in this time of economic crisis. One of the leading companies in the hard drive and storage solutions industry, Seagate announced a few weeks that it is initiating its restructuring plan. As […]

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