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As reported in december Target was hit by some sort of hacker attack where credit card information was leeched by 3rd party, the dust is starting to settle and another picture is showing itself.

The Target Hacking Meltdown Continues

As we’ve reported earlier, the huge American chain department store, Target, became a victim of a hacker attack and this was hardly an isolated incident. Target, along with Neiman-Marcus chain stores, is just a couple of the stores that were a part of a large-scale hacking operation. It appears that bits and pieces of this […]

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2013 was a Lousy Year for Hackers

The essence of being a hacker is that, you are able to hide your tracks, you are able to blend in to the digital noise of the greater internet and evade capture. Well, at least that’s the romantic image of the hacker. Also, according to popular media, a hacker is usually a young kid often […]

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NSA iPhone Malware Detailed

According to a report in the German newspaper Der Spiegel, the NSA’s elite TAO hacker unit can target your iPhone. No big surprises here. We already know the extensive reach of the NSA. What’s the big deal? Well, actually, if you read the details, it’s enough to scare the piss out of you. How bad […]

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