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Image of the inj3ct0r Team Logo

Hackers hit NATO server

A hacker group that goes by the online name of “Inj3ct0r Team” has clamed responsibility for compromising a server used by the NATO. Presumably secure files were taken and posted on the MediaFire remote file hosting site carrying the title “NATO Tomcat 5.5 Sevlet Backup.” Contacted by an online news bureau through email, a member […]

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The LulzSec Mascot Logo

Anonymous Steps Up Cyber Attacks as LulzSec Signs Off

The notorious hyperactive computer hacker group LulzSec announced last Saturday that it is breaking up and signing off. But it appears it was just a matter of its members crossing over to another hacker group Anonymous which now claims to have stepped up its hacking activity. Over the weekend, Anonymous claimed it has released online […]

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Logo of Security Company It-Harvest

Whitelisting Stops Hack Attacks in One Swoop

Hacking seems to be the past time of computer whiz folks over the years. Hacker organizations like LulzSec which is notorious for having hacked Facebook and the websites of the US Senate and the CIA, along with Anonymous and others have demonstrated how easy it is to hack into networks and compromise data security to […]

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Could Citigroup Really Be that Stupid?

It’s one thing for hackers to pry into your Facebook account. But it’s entirely another and a lot more pernicious for hackers to get into your financial and personal information stored in banks. That’s basically what happened in an embarrassing hack on Citigroup’s customer data systems. Hackers were able to cart away information from as […]

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President to Get Control Over the Internet If the Cybersecurity Emergency Bill Is Passed

Terrorism and other threats to the safety of the nation are putting pressure on the government to think of new ways to secure the people, the nation, and its infrastructure.  Perhaps the most recent and major threats to the nation’s security are those related to cybersecurity.  The Internet has become such an expansive and ever-growing […]

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