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Screenshot of the Wine Library Website

Wine Library Hacked Credit Cards Possibly Compromised

Wine Library, owned by Gary Vaynerchuk, sent an email to its patrons on November 21 regarding a reported security breach in its system. The credit card information buyers used for might have been stolen, the report explains. The website has more than a hundred thousand users but the number of accounts that were affected […]

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Facebook Compromised Spreading Porn and Violence

The social network giant is receiving reports of hacking activities where Facebook users are flooded with images of violent acts, pornography, bestiality and self-mutilation. Users of the site have noticed such graphic images emerging in their News Feeds in the last two or three days. Such photos accordingly are “Liked” by these users without their […]

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The Symantec Logo

Symantec Traces Nitro Campaign Hackers

Symantec identified a hacker campaign dubbed as “Nitro” where attackers utilized a Trojan horse to steal secrets from almost fifty companies, a majority of whom are under the defense and chemical industries. Early this week, Symantec revealed that the remote access Trojan (RAT) dubbed as “Poison Ivy” used in the Nitro campaign was made available […]

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Cybercriminals alarm US banks

Financial services firms are panicking over cybercriminal attacks amidst the ever-growing technological advancements. The U.S. financial industry Information Technology policy arm, BITS is partnering with the banking industry to create highly secure domains that will provide more secure features to financial service firms. Domains like “.bank”, “.invest” and “.insure” are among the plans to present […]

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HTC Android smartphones face major security issues

HTC Android smartphones face scrutiny as security researchers found an insecure logging program in some of its devices. This is a major security issue considering that hackers can get hold of users’ personal data. This logging program found in some Android phones can record everything a user does with his phone. The customization of the […]

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Nokia Developer Forum Hacked

Nokia smartphone fortunes may be dwindling these days but this has not deterred intrepid hackers from breaching the forum section of Nokia’s developer website and carting away member email addresses. The Finnish leader in cellphone markets recently revealed this at the site’s forum section which went offline with a somber press release about the incident […]

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Anonymous Hacks BART Police Union Web site

A database containing passwords, full names, email addresses, and home addresses could be valuable to marketing folks looking for potential customers, or to malicious minds that can use the data for selfish gain at the expense of people behind the data. It was this kind of data from the BART Police Union Web site that […]

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Is it Farewell to Facebook on November 5?

The number one social networking site Facebook may be looking at tough times ahead, if not the total end of its existence. Early this year, the Facebooking community got a threatening word that the site would shut down in March 15. It didn’t come true. This time around, the threat has a more credible source. […]

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Research Traced RSA hacking to China

Just about everything is made in China these days, but an investigation made by a malware botnet research firm is adding fuel to earlier reports that many malware attacks on US firms trace their roots to China. Earlier this year, RSA Security, a division of leading storage firm EMC Corp, found itself compromised by hackers […]

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Online Apple Data Hacked, Claimed by Hackers

The Cupertino-based computer company has yet to comment on it. But it was clear, one of the Apple websites had been compromised when an unknown hacker, presumably allied with the hacker group Anonymous, released over the weekend a list of 27 user names along with their encrypted passwords from the website. It may be coincidence […]

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