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Move Over China, Indonesia is Hacker Paradise

For the longest time, a lot of the world’s spam and internet attacks originated from servers that originated in China. In fact, if you go to many hacker and black hat forums, many of the server based services usually aimed at hosting spam software used Chinese service providers. This is no longer the case. The […]

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US Congress divided on cyberthreat issue

Last February a mysterious caller said that he was from Microsoft. This caller offered step-by-step instructions to fix the damage caused by a software virus. The electric power companies he called did not fall for the trick. It turned out that the caller helpfully stepped the companies through processes in their computers, which would have […]

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Hackers Abuse PHP Setting To Inject Malicious Code Into Websites

Just when you thought web servers have the security software blankets more competently implemented to than ordinary consumers do with their antivirus and personal firewall solutions, hackers have discovered that abusing a directive from a PHP configuration allows them to insert damaging code in sites hosted on VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or dedicated servers that […]

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Anonymous Hacks Into Security Think Tank Data

The notorious hacker group called Anonymous is claiming another successful hacking last Sunday. This time, its victim is the Stratfor Global Intelligence, a security think tank based in Austin, Texas. Anonymous proudly claims to have siphoned off 200GB of data that included emails and credit card information from employees of Stratfor clients. Anonymous has twitted […]

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Hackers Targeting Defense Companies Through Adobe Reader Vulnerability

Malicious PDF’s that where attached to messages sent in November have been confirmed by Symantec’s security researchers this week as exploits intended for defense contractors and other businesses. Symantec’s Joshua Talbot reported that the exploit on Adobe Reader’s unpatched flaw have been sent to various people coming from defense, chemical, manufacturing, computer hardware and telecommunications […]

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Hackers Are Feasting On Java Vulnerabilities

Microsoft reported that the vulnerabilities found on the Java software is continuously being exploited by hackers. Director of the Trustworthy Computing group under Microsoft Tim Rain explained that Java exploits cover half of all attacks that were blocked by the company’s security software within a year’s scope. There were over 27 million Java exploits blocked […]

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