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Another Google Project Bites the Dust

You can’t win all the time. That’s the only saying that comes close to encapsulating the latest project shutdown announcement from Google. As we have reported many times before, Google is growing in terms of market presence and technology innovations and initiatives lately. It’s branched out into robotics. It’s branched out to hardware. It’s exploring […]

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Is Google Flights Search Up for a Reboot?

As you probably already know, in the tech space, all sorts of business models go through many different phases. Obviously, everybody could relate to the roll out phase when we are treated to a whole new service. However, in the light of any typical online website service product, a market feedback would often necessitate key […]

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Rap Genius Gets Back In Google’s Good Graces?

Is Rap Genius back in Google’s good graces? As we have reported earlier, Rap Genius was involved in a very shady link building program. It dubbed this program as “affiliate” program, however, upon inspection by anyone with more than two brain cells, this link building scheme hardly qualifies as a classic affiliate program. The scheme […]

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SEOs Backtrack from Comment Spamming

One of the oldest and easiest ways to rank on Google was to just hit blogs that are related to your niche. You just put up a link in the form of your name, you use your keyword as your name and link it to the target webpage. This was very effective if the blog […]

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