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Google Plans to Marry Chrome and Android

Web browser Chrome and the mobile OS Android are both strong Google products. And as can be expected, Chrome could one day run natively on Android. Today, web browsers on Android smartphones and tablets come from an open-source WebKit engine that is slowly being disassociated from. Google is trying to blend its Chrome and Android […]

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First Gingerbread Android Malware Detected

Researchers have stumbled upon the first malware to attack Google’s Android v2.3, also known as Gingerbread. Last Thursday, a team headed by Xuxian Jiang, an assistant computer science professor from the North Carolina State University, and the Beijing-headquartered NetQin Mobile Security were able to identify a high risk malware that can completely compromise or root […]

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Image of the iRiver Story HD Front and Back

Google’s e-Reader Goes iriver Story HD

Google announced Monday its choice for the iriver Story HD as its first eBook reader to integrate seamlessly with its Google eBookstore. Scheduled for a product launch at Target stores and the site this Sunday, July 17, it will sell with a tag price of $139.99. This was disclosed at Google’s blog site. This […]

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Google+ Population Explodes To 10 Million

In just two weeks after its launch, the new social network site Google+ has reached 7.3 million accounts as of Sunday and is expected to be closer to 10 million as of this writing. This was the statistical revelation by Paul Allen of and CEO of Facebook application developer According to Allen, “The […]

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Oracle Sues Google for Patent and Copyright Infringement

Following the uphill climb of Google’s Android over the iPhone, Google found itself in the middle of yet another controversial move by Oracle Corp.  Oracle is claiming that the development of Android, Google’s most popular mobile operating system, was a case for patent and copyright infringement.  The law suit was filed in a federal court […]

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Is Google Controlling the Way We Surf?

There is the idea that Google has become so large that it has been synonymous to Internet surfing itself.  As Google is the search engine of choice for a large percentage of Internet users, it does not seem strange to think that Google has been influencing the way we surf the web greatly.  Connected to […]

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