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Google Stock Split Finally Approved

Google first launched in 2004 at the almost unbelievable price of 85 bucks per share. Of course, the price of the stock was bid up almost as soon as the company went public and it didn’t stay at 85 bucks per share. Still, even at 200 dollars or even 300 dollars in hindsight, Google would […]

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Gmail Now Allows Automatic Pictures

For the longest time, Gmail and many other web-based e-mail providers have disabled showing pictures by default. This, of course, has everything to do with security. Many security and anti-spam operations figured out that one of the best ways to deliver their payload, which is basically a URL in front of a million of eyeballs, is to send a picture. You have to send links because they are […]

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Chrome’s Achilles Heel: Extensions

Make no mistake about it. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers you could ever install on your computer. If you want to browse the internet very quickly, Chrome can deliver. If you’re looking for a browser that is widely supported by lots of plug-ins that allow you to do everything from taking screen […]

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