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What can Kill Facebook?

It’s easy to wish Facebook was dead. There are many companies and many players that would love to see Facebook go under. The reasons for these people to hate Facebook is as limitless as your imagination. Some people don’t like Facebook because they think it encourages narcissistic behavior, others don’t like Facebook because it’s a […]

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Snapchat A One Trick Pony?

One of the biggest problems any technology company faces is that, it’s not enough to innovate one particular feature. Sure, you may come up with the best widget in the world but if once everybody starts factoring in the same principles and same features as your widget into their existing products, you basically find yourself […]

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You Need To Know How To Conduct Yourself Online

Face it, we’re living in a brave new world. Everything that you do in public can be recorded. All the materials that you write online can be recorded, traced, tracked, monitored, indexed, sorted, collated, sold, rented, borrowed, you name it. It seems that privacy, at least at some level, is one of the first casualties […]

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Possible Future directions for social media

It is easy to think that social media has reached its highest point-its zenith-with Facebook. In fact, it is too easy to conclude this considering all the bells and whistles that Facebook has packed into its system like face recognition in photos, smooth and easy tagging, and easy contact discovery and solicitation. It is easy […]

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