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The Problems Facebook Currently Faces

Games on down time and wrong information showing up are just a few of the bugs concerning Facebook. While the Facebook movie hype is sort of covering up this issue in some technology news sites and zines, Facebook users will not be distracted from the main problem: accounts that cannot be opened. What is terrible […]

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Obama Facebook Developer Steps Out

The developer of the controversial Facebook poll that enraged millions of Internet users has finally stepped out. Jesse Farmer, a resident of Bubbalabs in Palo Alto, California, has given Facebook the permission to publicly reveal his identity as the developer, although not the author of the “Should Obama Be Killed” poll. Polls such as these […]

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Internet Usage Doesn’t Affect Civic Participation

While others may have expected – or hoped – that the popularity of and the rapidly growing Internet usage in America could translate to a change in the demographics of people engaging in civic activities, a recent study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found otherwise.  According to the study, the socio-economic […]

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