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How to Spot and Prevent Being Fooled by Email Spam and Malware Attacks

What happens when you mix the direct personal connection of email with the sneaky propagation tactics of spyware? An explosive spread in trojan horse infections and compromised global network security. Malware and spyware authors have successfully piggybacked on spam mail methods to spread their annoying and costly payload. This resource describes how spammed security threats […]

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Email Spam Explodes to a Two-Year High

Just when computer users have been enjoying relatively fewer spam messages reaching their emails for sometime now, a security firm now reports that the annoying practice has reached a two-year high with a record spike recorded last fall right before the SpamIt operation ended. This time, the spam messages were not just annoying, they now […]

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Gmail Making Email Migration Hassle Free

It would be a great deal better if one moves to another email provider than to endure the dissatisfaction brought by one’s current provider.  For those who are planning to migrate from other email providers, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL, and from ISPs like Verizon, Comcast, Earthlink, to Gmail, there is no need to […]

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How do i most efficiently fight email spam

Contrary to what some people believe, an email spam is also a serious threat to your computer just like viruses and malware. The bulk of emails that you receive can cause confusion and disturbance. This can also distract you and make you lose a portion of your precious time in the process. However, these are […]

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Everything you want to know about email spam

Also known as junk email, email spam involves various identical unsolicited emails sent to a list of email addresses. Although there is a law against the sending of spam, there are still companies that advertises their products by spamming. This is not surprising given that this method is cost-effective; with just a small amount, you […]

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