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America’s High school Curriculum Leads to Tech Immigration Dependence

There’s a lot of political drama emanating out of Washington lately surrounding the contentious issue of immigration. A lot of Americans understandably are ambivalent, if not, outright apprehensive or hostile regarding the concept of loosening or reforming immigration. Setting aside the particularly folly issue of what to do with an estimated eleven to twelve million […]

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The iPad Explodes Special Education Opportunities

One of the biggest challenges in any special education environment is the fact that different kids have different learning challenges or disabilities. One child may have directional issues while another child may have neuromotor challenges and another child may have cognitive problems and so on down the line. The big problem with typical and traditional […]

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Late Nite Labs Screenshot

Late Nite Labs Boosts Online Education With New Funding

Late Nite Labs, a web-based educational platform, announced this week that it was able to raise seed funding of $1.1 million coming from numerous angel investors such as former Chancellor Harold Levy of the public school system in New York City, as well as Don Burton, Disney Education’s former head of Business Development. The startup […]

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How To Find a Job Online

If you have found yourself among the ranks of the millions of Americans currently unemployed, you would know how competitive finding a job can be. The financial crisis that gripped the world starting in late 2008 is still continuing to ravage employment levels the world over. Unemployment is stranded at a high level in the […]

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