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Is Cloud Computing Just Hype?

It has been several years since the iPod launched and we all became familiar with the buzzwords cloud computing, cloud-based entertainment and cloud-based technology. However, just like with any mantra, the mere fact that it’s repeated a lot doesn’t necessarily mean that people actually know what it means and more importantly doesn’t mean they can […]

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The problem with Cloud Computing is not the technology

Whenever you mention the phrase “cloud computing” to a group of people, you are probably confronted with several different interpretations of what that phrase means. The simple truth is that cloud computing is many things to many people. While the basic model of cloud computing is the same (sever and client based remote applications and […]

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Appreciating the next step for Cloud Computing for NGOs

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit cause-oriented corporations perform crucial functions when it comes to championing social, environmental, and governmental watchdog causes. However, running servers and data centers are generally not within such organizations’ scope of core competencies. Fair enough. So what should NGOs do with their shared IT needs considering that NGOs often have different […]

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