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Chrome’s Achilles Heel: Extensions

Make no mistake about it. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers you could ever install on your computer. If you want to browse the internet very quickly, Chrome can deliver. If you’re looking for a browser that is widely supported by lots of plug-ins that allow you to do everything from taking screen […]

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Firefox is not Dead after All

If you are a big follower of internet trends, you are probably aware that Google’s ‘Chrome’ browser has been exploding lately. More and more people has been discovering Chrome and switching over to it. Why the switch? First of all, Chrome is secured. A lot of the security and auto-install problems that used to plague […]

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Colors of Google

Android’s Google Now available for Chrome Users

Google recently announced that its Android Google Now services will be accessible to Chrome users. While this might not seem that big of a deal to many tech industry observers since it merely means that its comprehensive technology of bringing wide ranging information such as reviews of nearby restaurants, birthday alerts, reminders of trip departures, […]

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Google Fixes Serious Chrome Bugs

Typical of a software product that is never perfect out of the box, Chrome 16 gets a new set of security related bug fixes to address known vulnerabilities disclosed last Monday. Google made the announcement yesterday and further disclosed that a fifth of these vulnerabilities had already been patched two weeks earlier. This recent bug […]

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Updates on the Browser Wars

Ever since the Internet was released for public access, numerous companies have developed Internet browsers to help users get the most out of their Internet experience.  Over the years, some of these browsers have climbed to the top of the market only to crash in flames because of the inability to keep up with the […]

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More News about Google’s Chrome

Google’s Chrome has taken another step forward with its more developed and soon-to-be launched version, which is the Google Chrome  This new Chrome is designed to accommodate extensions in order to customize what the browser of Google can already do.  However, some of the best features, the HTML 5 features, that are supposed to […]

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