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Microsoft opens Chinese Open Technology offers

Microsoft? Open source? Normally you wouldn’t see these two phrases together in one sentence unless it is Microsoft calling open source into question or open source activists denouncing Microsoft. But, in the cloud computing space, it seems that this system is rapidly fading in the rear view mirror of most enterprises. If you want to […]

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Move Over China, Indonesia is Hacker Paradise

For the longest time, a lot of the world’s spam and internet attacks originated from servers that originated in China. In fact, if you go to many hacker and black hat forums, many of the server based services usually aimed at hosting spam software used Chinese service providers. This is no longer the case. The […]

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Robots May Save China

Believe it or not, many American and foreign and institutes in China are beginning to complain about the rising labor cost in the communist state. One of the biggest draws to China for foreign manufacturers is the fact that labor rates are so low and productivity is high enough that it would compensate many other […]

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Apple’s China Market Share Grows to 17.3%

In what could only be music to the ears of current Apple stock holders and analysts following the company, Apple has managed to grab a very hefty 17.3% smart phone market share in one of the most dynamic and fast-growing markets in the world–China. In fact, the whole Chinese smart phone market has grown by […]

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Research Traced RSA hacking to China

Just about everything is made in China these days, but an investigation made by a malware botnet research firm is adding fuel to earlier reports that many malware attacks on US firms trace their roots to China. Earlier this year, RSA Security, a division of leading storage firm EMC Corp, found itself compromised by hackers […]

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