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How to Use Your Competition for Market Research

Aikido is one of the most effective forms of martial arts currently available. Aikido uses your opponent’s motions against him. If somebody lunges towards you and their center of gravity shifts a certain way, you just manipulate and re-direct their center of gravity so that they fall. Interestingly enough, aikido’s principles also apply to blogging. […]

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Self-Assessment Guide for Successful Blogging

This is the first article in an eight-part series that applies systems and strategies to blogging for maximum success and effectiveness. Just like with any other project or other undertaking in life, your chances of success are higher if you pursue your goal with both a system and a strategy. If either of these elements […]

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Five Ways to Make Money Online

It is obvious that, economically speaking, the United States has seen better days. Ever since 2009, unemployment has be stuck at north of nine percent. While this may seem like a small number, if you factor in the percentage of people that have been discourages so much that they’ve stopped looking for work and factor […]

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Squarespace Releases New Platform Version 6

Squarespace unveils its improved blogging platform‒ Squarespace 6. The startup that raised $38.5 million last year to fund their drastic move in reworking its premium hosted blogging platform has finally revealed to the public what the new version has in store. Squarepace 6 aims to take over the blogging platforms currently leading the pack including […]

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Don’t Believe Everything you Read on the Internet

The great thing about the Internet is that there is so much stuff in it. The bad thing about the Internet is precisely the same reason, too much content. Every year, millions of pages are generated and put up on the Internet. These pages range from professional and dedicated companies researching, analyzing, and carefully compiling […]

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