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Medium Opens to Public Posting

If you haven’t heard of Medium, you can easily be forgiven. Medium is a blogging platform that was created by a cofounder of Twitter. In fact, if Medium wasn’t related in some way to Twitter, we probably would not be reporting this news. Be that as it may, Medium is now taking public posts by […]

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Will SETT revive blogging online?

The funny thing about blogging is that it’s very old and predictable. In fact, one can almost imagine a blogging site shipping with the first version of the internet. That is how far back blogs and their different incarnations date back. While most implementation of a blog often revolves around wordpress, the truth is the […]

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Using Press Releases to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Believe it or not, there are quite a lot of similarities between blogging and press releases. Both generally involve periodic or episodic postings and blog posts can be oriented towards news or periodic items. Given this similarity, press releases are great companion pieces to blog posts. By their nature, press releases involve announcements and what […]

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How to Turn Search Keywords into High-Quality Content

If you have been following our series so far, we have stepped you through the process of identifying topics that you are very passionate about, researching these topics’ keywords, filtering them based on commercial value and potential traffic, and using WordPress as a blogging platform. We are only halfway through. Even if you have found […]

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