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Latest Malware Development Uses Air Attacks

It used to be that if you’re computer had Bitdefender or another high quality security software installed, that you would be protected from virus attacks. Well, that is still a good idea. However, you have to be aware that hackers and malware authors are getting creative. How creative? Check this out. They can use malware […]

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Bitdefender, Norton Anti-virus, McAfee, and Others can Save Your Christmas Security

You got to leave it to the creativity and cleverness of online scammers. There is really no season for these scumbags to strike. They pretty much hit you all year round. Interestingly enough, many security researches are seeing seasonal variations in the types of scams usually perpetrated through email that these international scam and spam […]

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Bitdefender Abandons Numbering System

Bitdefender is one of the most highly awarded anti-virus and security software packages on the internet. Hands down. This piece of software coded in Romania and Eastern Europe does wonders. It is able to do things that other better known and better financed anti-virus and security software packages cannot seem to do. Bit defender is […]

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