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Finally, a highly popular app that doesn’t involve suicidal angry birds bent on taking out pigs and monkeys. As hard as it is to believe, with all the highly popular game and entertainment apps out there, one of the most popular apps is actually useful. Dictionary.Com’s dictionary app has reached 50 million downloads. Yes-you can […]

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Instagram Photo App Service

Facebook pays $1 billion for Instagram

With Facebook’s highly anticipated IPO coming closer and closer, what better way for the giant social networking company to cash in on its upcoming payday than acquiring a company, right? Facebook is currently Silicon Valley’s favorite tech company and hopes are quite high that its IPO will raise billions and make its initial backers, founders, […]

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The Voxer Website

Voxer is Going Viral

Voxer, a walkie talkie app for Androids and iPhones has been notably climbing the market. It is currently trending on Twitter. And just last week, this small startup managed to jump from ranking number 40 to number 6 in the United States App Store under the social networking category. Earlier this year, Voxer also gained […]

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Top iPhone Applications for the Week

New iPhone applications are coming out every day and it’s no surprise, what with the huge user-base of the iPhone and other Apple products.  This article will cover some of the iPhone applications that are definitely worth checking out this week.  Whether you want an app for gaming, productivity, utility, or you simply want to […]

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