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Can Apple break out of the luxury product ghetto?

Just how much hard-earned recession-era money would people part with just so they can proudly open (preferably in a starbucks or some other popular public place) a gadget with a lid that has the silhouette of a popular fruit item? This is the question many tech industry observers are asking as quarterly sales figures continue […]

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iWork for iCloud ready for you to check out

Giving Windows Office 365 and Google Drive a run for their digital currency, Apple’s much-beloved iWork suite is now iCloud ready. You only need to sign up at to get yourself access to these application goodies. A productivity suite made up of the Pages word processor, the Numbers spreadsheet, and the much-beloved Keynote presentation […]

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Apple Doubles Down on Sapphire Technology

If you have a smartphone, you would notice that the surface of your phone is made out of glass. Yes, that clear crystalline surface where you could see the display of your apps and that you can tap to make certain things happen in your phone— simple enough right. Well, it looks like Apple is […]

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Apple Shows a Disturbing Slavishness to Samsung

The title of this blog post might seem shocking to many people. After all, Apple just slapped Samsung and beat it out quite a bit with its patent infringement victory over the South Korean hardware maker. Despite Apple’s past legal offensives as well as its current ones (see our story regarding the latest lawsuit filed […]

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How Apple Put the iPad Air on a Diet

One of the biggest head turners in the recent iPad unveiling by Apple is the iPad Air. This thing is sexy—let’s mince no words about it. This thing is light, sleek and it embodies everything that is cool about Apple. No wonder it is a breakaway hit of Apple’s iPad semi-annual release. The words had […]

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