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Is Apple Going To Move Into The Healthcare Space?

The health care industry is huge. We are talking about one-sixth of the US economy. That’s a huge chunk. It appears Apple wants to take a bite off that industry. Well, according to industry rumors, the Cupertino-based hardware giant is in talks regarding entering the mobile medical application space. In fact, the Food and Drug […]

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Tizen OS Failed Launch Highlights OS Duopoly

In the technology landscape and in any other marketplace for that matter, diversity is crucial. The more players you have in the market, the lower the price, and more importantly, the more options you have. Many things can happen and the more options and alternatives you have, the better. Unfortunately, having alternatives present at all […]

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Apple Tightens the Screws on Samsung’s Legal Victory

As we have written earlier, Apple won its lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement. In particular, it won based on several patents. Most notably, the ability for a user to zoom in on an object by pinching an image on a touch screen, another patent when involves tapping the screen to zoom and to navigate. […]

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Apple Finally Cracks the China Market with China Mobile Launch

Come January 17, there will be a new player in the huge Chinese smartphone market. That’s right. The world heavyweight when it comes to the luxury-branded smartphone’s Apple is debuting with China’s biggest mobile network. China Mobile announced that it will start carrying Apple’s iphone come January 17. What does this mean? Well, first of […]

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