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Google Presents: Android 2.1

Just recently, Google hosted a big event launching its latest Nexus One, the first model created on the Android 2.1 operating system (OS). The event mostly centered on the Android 2.1 OS and what the user’s can expect from Google’s latest. And now, the developers and users can get their hands on the Android 2.1 […]

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Motorola to Introduce More Android, Unveils Backflip

One of the more immediate plans of Motorola is the introduction of more Android handsets. The company strives to offer a range of devices that utilize the mobile operating system, in an effort to target the different buying preferences of the market. This piece of news has been announced just recently by the Chief Executive […]

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5 Free Android Apps That You Can’t Live Without

The mobile operating system known as Android has taken the world by storm.  The Android operating system has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a project by the startup company Android Inc.  Today, Android is owned by Google and it has become a big name among consumers who want a flexible, functional, […]

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