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Ematic Launches $129.99 Eight Inch Tablet

As we keep repeating on this blog, the smartphone and mobile OS game is Google’s to lose. Why? The Google Android is free and any hardware maker that is efficient and effective enough to make commercially viable cheap tablets have a very powerful tool in their hands. They don’t have to spend money buying the […]

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Android Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday

This past week Android turned five. You would think that a mere five years is not enough for technology to fully mature. This would be true if you’re talking about human beings or even pets and organizations but when it comes to technology, you can’t be more wrong. Android might only be five years old […]

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Android Remote Locking Feature Revealed

It’s every smartphone owners’ worst nightmare: your android phone gets lost or stolen and the thief can use your phone as much as they want. Moreover, they can also access your files. If you didn’t install a password or for any reasons they were able to compromise your phone, this is a serious problem. Also, […]

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Mobile: Hardware Vs. Software Vs. App Dominance

The current mobile market is very interesting. There are three sides to this story. A lot of the digital ink has been spilled regarding the role of software or OS dominance in the future of mobile technology. There is a lot to be said regarding OS dominance. It’s actually quite basic; the more phones running […]

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Is Android’s Market Share Sustainable?

You have to hand it to Google, it has only been six years since the Apple iPhone launched and Google’s Android operating system has already managed to gobble up seventy five percent of the smartphone market. Based on the most recent figures, it looks like Android isn’t slowing down. Either Microsoft phones’ tiny sliver has […]

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