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Tizen OS Failed Launch Highlights OS Duopoly

In the technology landscape and in any other marketplace for that matter, diversity is crucial. The more players you have in the market, the lower the price, and more importantly, the more options you have. Many things can happen and the more options and alternatives you have, the better. Unfortunately, having alternatives present at all […]

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Now that Intel is all in on Android, is Windows toast?

You can’t help but feel slightly sorry for Microsoft nowadays. Yes, THAT Microsoft-the hulking 800-pound-gorrilla that was ruled a monopolist last decade. Yes, THAT Microsoft-the producer of almost all the software the world’s personal computers run on. Why the sympathy for the tech equivalent of The Borg? Where to begin? In fact, if you have […]

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Unraveling the Android end game

At first glance, Google shareholders and Android fans have a lot to celebrate. After all, this mobile OS seems to have hit the ball clear right out of the park. In fact, the Apple iPhone is clearly in the rear view mirror of Android and fast fading into the background. More and more people, specially […]

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BlackBerry BBM Finally Makes Its Android and IOS Debut

As we have mentioned earlier, the story of BlackBerry is quite a tragic tale. This once high flying email based wireless communication company was just completely sideswiped by the rise of smartphones, notably the Apple iPhone and the Google Android. As a result, Research in Motion, the parent company of BlackBerry, has pretty much been […]

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Believe it or not, Microsoft does have an email solution, you probably have heard of it— it’s called Outlook. Microsoft has taken Outlook to the cloud and turn its software as a service. For quite some time now, you can use your android phone to access your service. This is all well and good […]

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