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Amazon Builds Secretive Focus for Own Shows

You have to really hand it to Amazon; it has grown from a niche global eCommerce player to a multimedia player. There’s just something about Amazon’s reach and a staying power that is worthy of praise and admiration. It has survived the web 1.0 mass extension with flying colors. It is one of the big […]

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Amazon Defies the Gravity of Profits

There’s just something about Amazon that many investors love. It seems that the common practice in web 1.0 of forgiving companies even though they don’t make any money applies to Amazon. It doesn’t apply to Yahoo anymore nor does it apply to eBay. Amazon seems to have a very special place in many investors’ hearts. […]

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Amazon Reveals Updated Kindle Fire

It’s very easy to be tempted to say that Google Android has the tablet market all sewn up. After all, the huge majority of all tablets sold currently run the Google Android operating system. Well, not so fast. Just because a particular OS or technology is on top today doesn’t necessarily mean that it will […]

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Amazon to Give Away Free Smartphones?

One of the biggest hassles of covering the online technology market is that you get to run into all sorts of rumors, innuendos and outright BS. While this might be fun when talking about celebrities, it’s not a cake walk when you’re dealing with technology companies especially a huge one like Amazon. Amazon is no […]

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Google Reveals Cloud Storage system to rival Dropbox

Dropbox shareholders might be quaking in their boots. If not, maybe they should be. No other than the 800 pound gorilla of internet applications and services, Google has its eyes set on snagging up its share of the highly lucrative cloud storage market. Long dominated by players like Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud, and Amazon Cloud, the […]

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Amazon Shopping Guide was one of the few big successes of the Web 1.0/ Dot Com Boom of the late 90′s and early 2000′s. As you are probably aware, there was quite a bit of an economic slow down at the early part of the decade because of the crash of all these first wave internet companies. […]

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