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Is Cloud Computing Becoming a Race to the Bottom?

Usually when we mention the phrase race to the bottom, the two things that immediately come to mind are computing and mobile technology. Based on the recent behavior shown by market leader, Amazon, and big time challenger, Microsfot, you can put cloud computing on that list. Microsoft has announced that it is going to go […]

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Amazon sheds early populist dealism to take on Hollywood

Amazon Prime started out as an idealistic Amazon dream. While it’s main goal was to defang Netflix and claw back some of that streaming entertainment marketshare, its tactics were laudable. Amazon Prime was to gain major eyeballs by letting Hollywood outsiders produce original content for Amazon’s streaming channels. Who will be the box office? Who […]

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Amazon Adopts ORBX Streaming Standard

One of the biggest headaches of streaming content online is the fact that it differently goes with different browsers. If you are using browsers that are older or you have an older computer, you will need to have all sorts of plug ins just to interpret the data being sent so that your browser can […]

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