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Study shows Facebook advertising is effective

Ever since Facebook’s IPO, the social networking company has faced a lot of skepticism regarding the sustainability and even effectiveness of its advertising model. Some observers have weighed the social network site against Internet advertising giant Google and found Facebook wanting. Some have even likened advertising at the social networking behemoth to posters at a […]

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The Facebook Logo

Why can’t Facebook show ads that advertisers want?

More than a few eyebrows were raised when GM famously withdrew its $10 million advertising on Facebook several weeks back. While this would have gained some notice in the news by itself, it was especially damning for Facebook since it was announced in the run-up to the social network’s IPO. The withdrawal might not explain […]

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Facebook Provides Private Conversion Tracking Program For Top Advertisers

Facebook confirmed that it quietly provides its top advertisers with a special conversion tracking program. This downstream system enables Facebook to keep track of both direct and indirect conversions in order to provide its top advertising clients with the figures of users who have seen their advertisements as well as those who clicked through their […]

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Pay Per Click Advertising Guidelines

If you have a website and you are trying to make money from your website, the number one thing on your mind should be “How to generate free traffic?” If you can’t generate enough free traffic, then the question becomes “What is the most cost efficient traffic that I can get for my website?” The […]

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The Wonderful Tweeting Twitter Bird

Guide to Advertising and Marketing on Twitter

Along with Facebook, Twitter is another website which always comes to mind first when the words “social networking” or “social media” are mentioned. Twitter provides a very basic service but do not let its simplicity fool you, it is one powerful communication tool. At its surface, Twitter seems straight forward. When you open an account […]

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Guide to Advertising and Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Marketing: Separating Hype from Reality If you visit many of the work-at-home websites or “make money online” blogs, you probably have been shotgun blasted by all sorts of come ons and fake guarantees regarding “making millions of dollars on Facebook.” When you read Time Magazine or online newspapers, they always keep saying how powerful […]

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