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Australian Facebook Ruling Might Change FB Advertising

The Australian Advertising Board recently ruled that Facebook is not just a communications platform, but it is also an advertising medium. Consequently, the communications put on corporate pages on Facebook must conform to advertising standards set forth by the Advertising Standards Board. This is a serious landmark development for Facebook in Australia, which could also […]

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No, Facebook Will Not Kill Google

Call it hype, call it wishful thinking or call it a pipe dream, but there was actually quite a big meme on techno blogs and among internet industry observers that at some point, social media websites like Twitter and Facebook will replace Google in terms of advertising dominance. The thinking was that social networks due […]

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Skype Rolls Out Conversation Ads

It never fails. Whenever you have a very popular free service, there will always be a minority of users who will hem and haw when you try to monetize or make money off that service. Call it an entitlement mentality or just call it an addiction to a “clean service,” but adding ads to a […]

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Coke and Ford Vouch for Facebook Ads Effectiveness

When General Motors dropped its paid campaign on Facebook, it was a massive slap on the face for the social-networking website’s upcoming IPO. It was a dark cloud that threatened to rain on Facebook’s parade. Indeed, the first weeks after the social networking company stock debuted on Wallstreet, it sunk down quickly and hard. It […]

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