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The Logo of Adobe Flash

Major Change for Adobe Installers

Admit it. You feel a tinge of creeping horror when you hear the term “Adobe Flash”. Your eyes glaze over and think about the memory hogging behemoth, the long installation and load times, and the general hassle of not just Reader but many other Adobe installers, most notably Flash. Well, you are not alone, and […]

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Flash vulnerable again due to Adobe exploits

On March 6, Adobe released two “critical” fixes for its Flash Player. The fixes apply to all versions of Flash running on the Android, Solaris, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows platforms. Based on Adobe’s official statement, if these vulnerabilities remain unpatched, a system can crash and it also might allow an attacker to take control. The […]

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Adobe commits to support Flash up to 10 more years

Flash technology has been through some tough times. It was sidelined by Steve Jobs and excluded from the huge installed base of iPhones. It is continuing to face heat from HTML5. Regardless, to borrow from Mark Twain’s famous saying, rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated. The truth is Flash is not going anywhere-at least […]

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Adobe launches apps for touch

Adobe embraces the touch-based technology through its announcement on the release of six new applications this week. The company launched its creative applications series exclusively for tablets dubbed as The Adobe Touch Apps. This series consists of Adobe Photoshop Touch, Adobe Proto, Adobe Debut, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Kuler and Adobe Collage. According to Kevin Lynch, […]

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Adobe Goes Green

Adobe goes environmentally friendly as it installs wind turbines, generating friendly electricity for its offices. During the recent December holidays, Adobe System had the turbines installed at its offices at Park Avenue and Almaden Boulevard. According to Adobe’s officials, the installation of the turbines is part of a bigger plan to obtain renewable power supply […]

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Smartphones Support for Flash 10.1 Up Ahead

Although Apple has no present plans of supporting Adobe Systems’ Flash multimedia software to any of their line of smartphones, other telecommunications companies and handset manufacturers see the need for Flash 10.1 support and are currently planning to make available software updates in the very near future. The need for broader web content range and […]

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Adobe’s New Silent Updater

Given the increase in the attacks on Adobe’s software, such as their Flash Player, Acrobat and Reader, the software giant now plans to implement yet another automatic updater. This time, the updates will be done as silent security patches that do not need user intervention. The new release The new release is more of a […]

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Hackers Prove that Illustrator Is Flawed

Digital artists should rejoice. The Adobe Illustrator weakness that has left it vulnerable to hacking will be fixed come January 8, 2010. Artists do not have to fear the loss of their works of art because the Illustrator’s developers have been alerted by an unknown hacker’s attacks and are discovering ways to fend such attacks […]

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