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A look at internet users password routines

With the great number of online transactions that are being executed on a daily basis, it is of the utmost importance to have the safest password possible. Passwords that are easily found out run the risk of making personal information available to people who might have criminal intentions. That no one is safe from security […]

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Most Useful Tools for Web Designers

A recent vote on has revealed which tools web designers deem to be most useful. Although there were over ten different tools mentioned, there were a few that designers agreed they would not want to do without. The following ranking is the result of said vote: 1. Firebug First on the list of useful […]

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Biography of Entrepreneur Jerry Yang

One of the men who etched their names in the hall of entrepreneurs is Jerry Yang. He created the Yahoo! navigational guide together with David Filo in 1994, and co-founded the Yahoo! Inc the following year. Yahoo! is one of the leading Internet brands, with the most traffic networks on the Internet. Jerry Yang was […]

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What are trojan horses

Trojan Horses are malware (malicious software) that pretend to have a beneficial effect to your computer system, but, in truth, only intends to cause more harm. This malware would open your computer to viruses and hackers alike. Unlike computer viruses, Trojans have no capacity to replicate. However, they still can cause serious damage on your […]

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Biography of bill gates the philanthropist

If you have billions in your bank accounts, what would you do? Being aware of how the the majority of the people live and getting involved in their lives, is Bill Gates’ answer. Though more known as one of the richest men on earth, Bill Gates is not only a business magnate, but also a […]

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windows 7 pricing leak

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7 is surrounded by many rumors. While earlier this year people were speculating about the exact release date of the system to replace Windows Vista, the focus of interest has now shifted to the pricing of Microsoft’s latest invention. According to the German Website the pricing for the different […]

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10% off norton antivirus & norton internet security lasts until 28 february

Together with symantec we can from now and during entire month of february offer 10% off on both norton antivirus and norton internet security. Please use following coupon codes while ordering any of these products at symantec. Norton Antivirus Coupon Code – 10offnav09 Norton Internet Security Coupon Code – 10offnis09 Watch ixSoftware blog and news […]

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