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Zynga’s Woes Continue with Shutdown of Yoville

Zynga, the biggest name in social gaming, is, of course, well known for Farmville. But did you know that Farmville is actually a later spin off of an earlier game. That’s right. If you’re a big Farmville fan, you would be pleased to know that Farmville is actually based on Yoville. Yoville pioneered certain game […]

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Is The Nintendo Wii U Doomed?

The Nintendo Wii made a big splash when it launched several years back.The year 2006 was a very exciting year for Nintendo because it seems to have jumped out of nowhere with the Nintendo Wii. All of a sudden, people were buying virtual tennis, virtual running and exercise games for the highly interactive blue tooth […]

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PS4 Launch greeted with hiccups

The much anticipated Sony Playstation 4 launch went great. 1 million units sold in 24 hours. New hope for the console market. New dreams for bigger, faster, more immersive, and graphically intense game. Happy times. Not so fast. Even before the digital ink regarding the release began to dry, Sony’s support lines lit up like […]

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Sony sell 1M PS4 units is 24 hours

In what can only be viewed as great news for an otherwise dismal few quarters for Sony, the Japanese electronics giant has announced that it sold 1 million units of its highly anticipated Playstation 4 game console in one day. Is this really surprising? After all, the global console market is essentially a duopoly-there are […]

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