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Netflix Axes Classics from its Streaming List

The video streaming service, Netflix, regularly delete or adds movies to its instant access list. When a movie is on Netflix’s instant access list, you can stream the movie to your TV through your internet connection. Well, some very big cinematic titles are going to be deleted from Netflix’s list. This is a big news […]

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Wearable Cameras, The Internet, The Law And You

Blogging your life is not exactly a new trend. People have been trying to do this for a long time. In fact, many text blogs have been around forever where people just blog their daily activities. Twitter is essentially a life blogging device and many people do exactly this. They pose tweets regarding stuff that […]

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Will plug and play software coding solve America’s Brain Gain problem?

There is a reason why Mark Zuckerberg and tech titans are keen on petitioning Washington to loosen up immigration rules-Americans just aren’t too keen on becoming software engineers and geeks. Seriously. There is something to the decades-long stigma of being a socially inept and sexually deprived nerd that steers many would be future Mark Zuckerbergs […]

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