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2014: The Age of the Bots

According to a recent estimate by online traffic tracking company, Incapsula, upwards of 61% of the total website traffic on the planet is fake. That’s right. Fake. Fraudulent. Bogus. Thanks to a wide network of zombie computers, botnets and compromised websites. It has become increasingly difficult to tell real traffic from fake traffic. Of course, […]

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A new programming is on its way as an extension of C and will according to a reddit user and former Microsoft employee go opensource all in the name of Microsoft.

Is Microsoft Preparing for a Post-Windows Environment

In a very interesting discussion thread on Reddit, former Microsoft employee discussed internal Microsoft initiatives regarding a new programming language. Tentatively called M# by people outside Microsoft, this new programming language raises a lot of eyebrows. According to that Microsoft employee that blogged about this language, this language is all about extending C# which has […]

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Xylem Turns Software Verification Into A Neat Game

One of the most interesting trends in technology is the trend called Gamification. Gamification involves turning activities that usually take a lot of effort and a lot of brain power and analysis and conscious thinking into something fun. Instead of looking at a task as something that is a hassle and something that you just […]

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The next big Tech Revolution: Micro applications from API

One of the most expensive facets of software development involves custom-coded applications that deal with the needs of a particular client. This is expensive since it requires lots of custom coding and specific attention. It is also very old. After all, this is the classic model followed by enterprise software development. Now that the world […]

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The passing of an era: The end of WinAmp

In many respects, AOL’s recent decision to shutdown its WinAmp service reflects the final conclusion of a magical time when the rebellious energy of geek wizardry and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants tech entrepreneurialism mixes with big corporate perogatives and technology evolution. In many ways, the mixture is volatile, mercurial, sublime, and, at some levels, doomed to disappoint. The […]

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